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Somewhere Besides Denver


A Grand Tour!

Ages 11 and older will love meeting young women of the early twentieth century in this charming young adult historical novel. Available in ebook and paperback.

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But they're already restless.


What awaits Helen, Violet, and Marion in Paris, where society rules aren’t as strict? Where they meet a famous fashion designer, a ground-breaking female artist, and some fancy-dressed dogs? And in London, where they join the fight for women’s rights?

Will their chaperone Lena, a rule-breaker herself, keep them out of serious trouble while giving them the freedom they need to become women of the new century?

It’s 1907, and best friends Violet and Marion are excited about their upcoming trip to Europe—a rite of passage for wealthy teens after high school. But they’re not too excited that Helen, a rancher’s daughter with a rich aunt, is joining them.


All three teens know the rules for well-bred young ladies:  Don't go anywhere without your chaperone! Don't speak to strangers, especially men! And when you return to Denver, settle into a life of boring parties and pleasing your husband.

Praise for Somewhere Besides Denver

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“This is a delightful story about three lively young women traveling to Europe at a time when society's expectations of them were high, but they are seeking adventure. Highly recommended.”

— Joanna Orwin, author of Collision and Shifting Currents

“Not only was I attracted to it because it is historical fiction, one of my favorite genres, but I wanted to see if it would be interesting to my teen granddaughters. I can say that the book succeeds on all counts. It is especially appealing now when we are all so limited geographically during the pandemic. Anyone, but especially teens and preteens would enjoy joining this enchanting expedition to Europe. It is full of surprises and great vicarious experiences"

— Annette Libeskind, author of Confessions of an Accidental Zoo Curator 

"As well as a coming-of-age novel it’s an exploration of the position of young women in society at the dawn of the 20th century, in a patriarchal social system where women are trying to assert themselves (is it really that different to the 21st century?), and with beautifully evoked period settings. We see the girls gradually become more self-reliant, self-confident, and more feminist as the novel progresses. Although aimed at YAs, it will also resonate with those parents who have experienced the guilty tension between wanting to guide and develop teenage offspring and having to let them make their own way, and make their own mistakes, in order to learn and become themselves."

— Maybelle Wallis, author of Heart of Cruelty

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