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Zo the Snowy Crow

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Book 2 in the series starring Zo the Crow!

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Zo the clever crow is back! Crow on the outside, human on the inside. But this time, the magical girl-crow Switch happens in the freezing Maine winter. Deep in the woods, at the tip-top of a snowy tree, Zo holds tight to the icy branches. What’s it like to be a crow in the cold?

Zo soars through the wintry sky with her cardinal buddy Rufus, finds her crow-parents Corbin and Merla, plays on the ice with Mozzie the moose, and makes friends with Kingson the goofy eagle. What other winter friends—and enemies—will share Zo’s adventures?

It’s great to be a crow again! Caw! But where is Jae, the human girl who is part of the magical Switch? And Shelly, the mysterious snapping turtle who can help Zo switch back again, from crow to girl?

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Zo the Snowy Crow by Sara Webley is Book 2 in this nature-inspired fantasy series. Perfect for middle grade readers. Illustrated by Robin Prisland.


Praise for Zo the Snowy Crow

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For anyone who has dreamed of taking flight like a bird, or for a moment becoming another creature, Zo the Snowy Crow is an absolute delight. Sara Webley brings us back into the wonderful world of this confident crow-girl for another set of adventures, helping us imagine the lives of our wild neighbors and see these misunderstood birds in a new light.

— Anna Morris, Lead Environmental Educator, Vermont Institute of Natural Science

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