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  • Sara Webley

New Magical Crow Book: Zo the Snowy Crow!

I know I haven't posted in a while. Maybe I was too busy watching the crows roost. But I have news: Zo the Snowy Crow, book 2 in the Zo Crow series, will be published soon! It's another nature-fantasy starring that clever, friendly, mischievous, magical crow named Zo.

This time, Zo goes through the magic Switch in the middle of the freezing Maine winter—not the sunny, warm New England summertime of book 1, Zo in the Roosting Tree. What's it like to be a crow in the cold? Zo finds out!

In Zo the Snowy Crow, Zo gets to fly through the clouds again with her birdy buddy, Rufus the cardinal. She also meets some new friends (and enemies) and has crow-adventures in the winter woods, along the lake, and in Dewinville.

Robin Prisland, illustrator for Zo in the Roosting Tree, has created the wonderful images for Zo the Snowy Crow. I'll show you a few of them here.


Jumpy puppy Pepper loves to be in charge of her human, Big Long:

Zo and Rufus meet a snowy owl who's in a lot of owly trouble, so they decide to help her:

And then there's Mozzie the moose. A very tall new friend. Missing something? Yes, there's a reason he looks like this:


So that's a hint of who you'll meet in Zo the Snowy Crow, for ages 7-adult. I had fun writing this second book about Zo—well, I mean Zo the crow told me her story, and I wrote it down. It did need a little editing. But not much. Caw!


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