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  • Sara Webley

Zo the Snowy Crow is Here!

Caw! Zo the clever crow is back! Crow on the outside, human on the inside. Zo and I have just published the 2nd book in our Zo the Crow Series, with help from wonderful illustrator Robin Prisland. First was the nature-inspired fantasy Zo in the Roosting Tree. And now, here's Zo the Snowy Crow.

This time, the magical girl-crow Switch happens in the freezing Maine winter. Waking up at the tip-top of a snowy tree deep in the woods, Zo holds tight to an icy branch and puffs out her shiny black feathers to stay warm.

What’s it like to be a crow in the cold? Zo finds out! Soaring through the wintry sky with her cardinal buddy Rufus, Zo meets some new animal friends. And learns more about life in the wild!

Together, Zo and Rufus go ice skating with Mozzie the moose. Birds ice skating? Yes!

Zo meets Kingson, the very busy, goofy, noisy eagle:

What other winter friends—and enemies—will share Zo’s adventures? Here's Rotto the cookie-eating rat:

During the magical winter Switch, Zo attends crow-school with her loving parents Corbin and Merla, sleds down snowy hills with Rufus, escapes a fox, rescues an injured owl, and . . . tells humans what to do. But where is Jae, the girl who is part of the Switch? And Shelly, the mysterious snapping turtle who can help Zo switch back again, from crow to girl?

Zo the Snowy Crow by Sara Webley is perfect for middle grade readers ages 7 and older. Adults love it too! Illustrated by Robin Prisland.

To get your copy of Zo the Snowy Crow in ebook or paperback:

Zo the Snowy Crow is also available for preorder right now on Amazon (ebook release Oct. 19; paperback release Nov. 23). And it will be available from other retailers soon!


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